How can this be? Are we living in a parallel universe?

Wings Over Scotland describes it as Chinese Arithmetic:

The Conservative Party  (276 votes) didn't get that many seats more than the Labour Party (262 votes), yet this is descibed as a blue landslide. 

We are going to need to be careful - the fort

There is a lot of chat on the internet just now about Theresa May.

Mr Ethical who has campagined for 13 years regarding HSBC and ripping off their customers - 

I was misinformed, Theresa, it was imagined said that she didn't want to go to Crathes Castle because their would be too many members of the public that are invalid or have over 2 kids even worse if they had been the victim of rape. Either way they probably couldn't afford it and their is the  'OMG they might start asking questions'! Shrek aka rape clause Ruth Davidson came under fire after she said that 'Scots aren't usually invited to plush events for fear they might cause damage or st

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