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If Scotland rules England, I (The Daily Mail) can foresee the Thames foaming with much blood

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This year’s General Election will be the closest since 1974 – and the nastiest.

We have already seen vile behaviour in the course of the Scottish referendum campaign, with insults flying, open hostility in the streets, and a nationalist mob braying outside the BBC in Glasgow.

The mood in Scotland remains tense and ugly – and those living south of the border should take note because the mood could quickly sour there too.

If, as many fear, the Scottish Nationalists take control of English affairs, that mood will turn to fury. Democracy is at stake.

The reason for disquiet is simple: the Scottish National Party lost the referendum battle but is still fighting the war – and with huge success.

The Nationalists look to be within sight of a crushing victory in Scotland, with some opinion polls suggesting they will win almost 50 of the 59 Scottish seats, including Gordon Brown’s constituency of Kirkcaldy and Cowdenbeath, once regarded as the safest Labour seat in Scotland.

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